What are your office hours?
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday Call for Hours


What types of payments do you accept?
Cash, Check, or Credit Card – American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover.  All debit/credit card transactions are subject to a 3% surcharge fee.


How do I pay rent for my storage unit??
1. Pay in person – Stop in the office during business hours and pay the attendant.
2. Mail your payment to the facility address.
3. Set up automatic payments via credit card.
4. Call us. With a pre-authorized card on file, we can take your payment in seconds.
5. Pay online


What is climate controlled?
Climate controlled facilities use high quality HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air condition), dehumidifiers, custom thermostats and heavy-duty insulation to manage temperature and humidity.


Do we need to purchase a lock and key to lock up our storage unit?
No, we provide 1 Chateau lock and 2 keys for each unit rental.


What if I lose my lock and/or my keys for my storage unit?
If you lose one key you can purchase additional blank keys for $4.00 each. If you lose both keys and/or your lock you will have to purchase a new lock for $15.00.


What if I select the wrong size unit?
Not a problem, we can transfer you into a difference size (smaller or larger) assuming that we have that size available.


Can I access my storage any time or can I only access during business hours?
Our facility does offer 24 hour access to customers.


How will I get into the facility if no one is there?
You will use your unique tenant gate code that will let you in to the loading dock and to your unit(s).


What types of things are prohibited from being stored?
Perishable and non-perishable food items (anything you can consume), hazardous materials, substances or wastes, solid waste, toxic chemicals, illegal goods, explosives, highly flammable material or any other goods which may cause injury to persons or damage to the property.


Can I store my lawn mower or snow blower in a non-vehicle storage unit?
Yes, however this machine needs to be winterized and all the fuel/gas/fluids drained and emptied from the machine.


How do I give a 30-day notice?
You can send an email to info@cedarburgstoragecompany.com, or you can call the office (262) 377-2294 and give the notice to the attendant and they can enter that into the system, or you can mail in a written notice to our address or stop in.


How do I give a notice if I am only using the storage for one month?

You must give your notice at the time of the move in.


How do I close out/move out of my storage unit?
Clean out and sweep your unit, you MUST also bring your lock and key(s) to the front desk and check out with the attendant. This means that you will have to close out during normal business hours.


What if I move out and clean out my storage locker outside of normal business hours?
You will be charged for the unit until you have officially checked out with the attendant at the desk.