About Cedarburg Self Storage

Heated, drive-in access for loading & unloading

For personal or business

Units of all sizes

Climate controlled

24 hour access

High tech security system

Our storage units are great for…

Homeowners – Store excess furniture, antiques, sports equipment, temperature sensitive possessions, and seasonal equipment.


Apartment Residents – Store furniture, and other overflow that would take up space in limited living quarters. Also, enjoy the convenience that Cedarburg Self Storage, offers by storing your valuables while waiting to move into your new residence.


Business Owners – Cedarburg Self Storage provides convenient climate controlled spaces with immediate access for the storage of old records, files and seldom used equipment.


Account Executives/Sales – Cedarburg Self Storage is the perfect place when you need a dry, temperature controlled area to store samples, sales orders, and equipment.


Notes to Business Owners and Account Executives/Sales

  • Protect your client records, important files, archives, sales samples, literature, seasonal inventory, software, electronics, displays and even the odd desk.
  • Does your business need “room” to grow? Studies show that 43% of company records are appropriate for storage and that 18% of office space is occupied by non-productive inventory and furnishings.
  • You can have shipments/deliveries received and stored in your unit for you
  • We provide an indoor loading/and unloading dock so you are sheltered in any weather
  • Frees up space at your main business location
  • Secures your valuable business records and data back-up off premises
  • Helps during a transition in business
  • Enables you to maintain emergency supplies and equipment off-site